Stupid thunderstorm.

Dear lady standing at the corner of 4th and Market,
I am so sorry my right turn generated the tsunami that got you soaked. I made the block and hoped to offer you a lift but you were gone. I forgive and accept anything you might say/post about “the asian girl in the blue truck that was driving like a real front bottom”. There really isn’t anything I could have done about it but I still feel rotten about it.

Summertime and the livin is tomato

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Tomatoes at the farmer’s market.  I love the colors of summer.   They also had an ice cream social that was disappointing.  We suffered the humidity to lick melted ice cream samples from tiny paper cups that should only be … Continue reading

Worst dream ever!

B is rousing me before he leaves for work.
Me: oh no! I had the worst dream ever.
B: what happened, baby?
Me: I was making awesome mango frozen custard and it didn’t set up right so I transferred containers in the sink and something happened and it all went down the drain.
B: You know what that is?
Me: No
B: White people problems.
We start laughing.
B: oh no – I got shot at today because my government is crazy – that would be the worst.
. o_0 …He can really kill a joke.