My zipper face costume.

Halloween zipper face costume.  

  • Zipper placement was limited because of my glasses and I don’t do contacts – otherwise I would have unzipped a bit higher.
  • I made the muscle striations with red puff paint drawn on glass and let it dry. If you print out a photo of face muscles and follow the basic shapes, it will also fit better around your mouth.
  • The zipper was affixed with liquid latex and blended with morticians wax. Make sure to check for allergic reactions. The wax isn’t for first timers so try experimenting first. Also, it works better warm so I kept a hair dryer near me.
  • I used lipstick as a base for the blood and put blood gel from the costume shop over it. There wasn’t a lot of blood gel product so I concentrated around my mouth. Also, if you heat the product, it starts to run and then some places dry up and cracked around my chest like real dried blood. A low setting on the hair dryer did wonders.
  • I let the zipper disappear underneath my clothing because it just didn’t look right ending at my neck.
  • I also used spirit gum but it didn’t work for me.
  • I used Bare Minerals for my “normal” face, simple eye makeup, and false eyelashes. I didn’t want a real dramatic eye to distract from the madness below.

This is the first time I have ever attempted something like this. Also, I’m not a professional makeup person so chances are there are probably better products out there. I didn’t invent the look but I am happy with my execution.

Afterthought: Hip hip hoo-FREAKING-ray for an unsexy costume.  No shade – but some of the girls in those sexy maid, sexy cheerleader, sexy plumber costumes look so uncomfortable.  It wouldn’t be so bad but half the time they were super cold and had their arms folded across their midsection.  

Yes that is a wonderful rendering of Amy Winehouse in the background.

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