Fairy Bread

Culture fact for the day – I recently read that in Australia, they have something called Fairy Bread which is buttered slices of white bread covered in nonpareils served at children’s tea parties. I am sure this is charming and probably delicious. 
You know what I ate as a child? Rice and WHATEVER THEY TOLD ME TO EAT. I can’t even imagine asking my parents to put sprinkles on my bread.

I can’t believe I had a fear of eggplant as a child.

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Tortang talong recipe experiment. So, been very addicted to eating this fantastic childhood staple. I tried it with these adorable Indian eggplants BUT they had so many seeds and I think the seeds are what make these particular eggplant bitter. … Continue reading

Summertime and the livin is tomato

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Tomatoes at the farmer’s market.  I love the colors of summer.   They also had an ice cream social that was disappointing.  We suffered the humidity to lick melted ice cream samples from tiny paper cups that should only be … Continue reading